Evan Walker | Founder and CEO

From starting one of the world's first internet software companies, Netsoft, at just 14, to a modeling agency that sold to a major firm, to multiple successes in tech and marketing; for the last 24 years Evan Walker has helped pioneer high volume brands and million dollar companies in both tech and creative.

With  a drive to create innovative and exciting concepts and a passion for travel and culture, Evan's mission with Colony strives to bring companies into the modern age of technology, influencer marketing, and content creation. With these marketing tactics and strategic collaborations, Colony companies produce high volume ROI through heavily engaged audiences and customers.  

Creating | Exploring | Connecting | Transforming 


Route allows shoppers to insure their orders with one-click during checkout. 

The Route shipping insurance option simply sits on your checkout page, adding a layer of 3rd party trust to your site while improving your customer's shopping experience. Route instantly protects your store, and your customers while covering losses, keeping more revenue in your pocket and your customers happy.

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