Colony is a collection of innovate technology and branded consumer lifestyle companies. The team at Colony helps brings awareness and establish market dominance to our current ventures, collaborations, and charities by driving critical mass awareness through our network of tens of millions of social media followers.

Founder | Evan Walker

Since the day he started his first e-commerce company at age 14, Evan has been challenging the status quo by being early to the race in industries including online commerce, social networking, and social media marketing. Colony has had the opportunity to have conducted business on an international scale, having over 5,000 representatives and hundreds of thousands of customers.

As a modern day entrepreneur, Evan leads these innovations by embodying a life of exploration, adventure, and having a personal and engaged relationship with his audience through social media, teasing new launches and giving a behind the scenes look from within the Colony Lab.


Route allows shoppers to insure their orders with one-click during checkout. 

For merchants, the Route shipping insurance option is simply added to a store’s checkout page, adding a layer of 3rd party trust to the website while improving the customer's shopping experience. Route instantly protects the store while covering losses, keeping more revenue in your pocket and customers happy.


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Colony is the headquarters and center of tech, lifestyle, and consumer products created and founded by Evan Walker. Our social media accounts highlight our travels, collaborations, and the life of a modern day entrepreneur and tech titan in Los Angeles.

Colony Travel collaborates with influencers, models, creatives, and brands to market one another, building dominating social media accounts while showcasing Colony events, expeditions, and product launches.


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